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Spurred on by the fact that there’s a leap second tonight, I thought I’d get the clock out and see if it still worked. Initially it wasn’t looking great – the parity checks were failing… ….but after a bit of tweaking on the pots….. Hurrah! Of course it still works! I may be tempted to make […]

link fixed


The broken link to ‘always.c’ below has been fixed!

PIC code


Linked to below is the source code for the rugby PIC clock.  It has been written using the Hi-Tech C Compiler.  If you don’t have this compiler (which is likely!) then the hex file is also linked to below, which you can load in any PIC programmer and load on to your PIC 16F88. Email […]

Shown on the left (click it to enlarge) is the circuit diagram for the receiver part of the clock – click it to make it readable or download it. This schematic is essentially a sensitive 60kHz receiver and ASK demodulator. You could use it as a simple receiver for other frequencies by just taking the […]

I’ve just moved back to University for my final year, and as such have found some time to draw up half of the schematic for the rugbyPICclock! I was pleased to find that as soon as I arrived in Bath, I plugged in the clock, it received the signal fine and was displaying the time […]

minor update…


The clock still isn’t in a case, I managed to find a metal case just big enough for the receiver board, so I trimmed the receiver board down to size to get it in, to then discover that it hates metal boxes and stops working all together, d’oh! I’ve spent a long time reworking the […]

In order to receive the now super low power signal, I had to add another amplification stage to the receiver. The new stage is identical to the first stage. I’m using a TL081 JFET input op amp, but any decent op amp will do the job (note that a 741 isn’t decent!). The op amp […]

…..and I can’t decode it anymore! The signal has moved from being transmitted 60 miles away from me, to being transmitted 360 miles away from me, and my receiver isn’t having any of it. I’ve tried a few little things to try and improve the sensitivity of the receiver, but so far to no avail.  […]

Now I’ve got to the point where the display needs to be built. True to form, I’ll be mounting the digits on stripboard. I’ll be using three double digit red LED displays, two for hours, two for minutes and two for seconds. Every segment of each digit needs to be connected to the corresponding segment […]

I’ve built a simple decoder circuit on some breadboard, using a PIC. The inputs to the decoder are +5v, 0v and the time code signal obtained from the receiver. The PIC has code running on it that decides whether each pulse is a 0 or a 1, it does this by using simple time delays […]

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