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After going through the theory on the receiver circuit below, I’m pleased to report that I’ve had some success with a fairly simple little circuit that I knocked up. After a lot of trial and error with capacitor values (which culminated in me asking the guy in Maplin for 2 of every value capacitor he […]

Been a little while since I’ve updated this, but I’ve been hunting down an oscilloscope to try and develop a receiver circuit, trying to work on the circuit at work (where I have access to every piece of test equipment under the sun) in my lunch breaks has proved difficult as I’m too busy at […]

It took a while to get working, but I’ve finally got the PIC programmer working perfectly with my PC! I’ve included the final circuit below, I can confirm that this works 100%, with Winpic PIC programming software, using NOPPP.ini that is included with Winpic (don’t bother with the NOPPP software on the official site). You […]

The first thing on my to do list is to make a PIC Programmer, so that I will eventually be able to get the code I develop for decoding the time signal from my PC onto a PIC. One of the beauties of using a PIC in this project is that all of the time […]

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