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Windows Vista is now fully supported. Please read the how_to_install file for Vista installation. I recommend that mIRC 6.3 is used with Windows Vista and MSN for mIRC.

Multi line text
A feature that has been requested for a while is support for multi-line text in chat windows. This support has been added in version 3.70.

Block Checker
The latest release of MSN for mIRC includes a block checker, so you can check who has blocked you! Download it now by clicking here.

Vote in the poll below to show what you think of the new version of MSN for mIRC!

News Ticker
Yep - I decided that the Java ticker was crap, so we're now using this, a nice, simple html ticker that won't ruin browers!


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MSN Messenger for mIRC
the original MSN Messenger addon for mIRC
- Detailed user status logging
- Contacts arranged in groups, with offline users
- Sophisticated away system - (send auto away messages)
- Talk to people you have blocked, despite appearing as offline in their list
- Conversation logging
- Add/delete and block/unblock users
- MSN file sending and receiving
- /msn commands allow custom scripts to send automated messages, set MSN status or name
- Invite users and be invited to conversations
- Synchronize away with mIRC
- Automatically connect with mIRC

MSN for mIRC works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98 etc.


June 2011 - Minor Bug Update

A bug which resulted in the failure of the in-built comments system and the logging system has been fixed.

If you would like to send a comment using the in-built comments system or would like to use the conversation logging feature then it is recommended that you download version 4.21.

andyc, 1st June 2011

February 2011 - Major Update

I've recently been working on a major bug update to MSN for mIRC. The highlights are below:

- Complete unicode compliance - this means that 'foreign' characters now work 100% correctly.
- "User has left the conversation" error message fixed.
- /msn.say command improved reliability.
- /dialog and /aline errors are fixed.
- Rogue contacts no longer appear on your contact list in the 'offline' section.
- Improved reliability when authenticating to MSN.
- You are now alerted correctly when sombody adds you to their contact list.
- Rogue "MSG" data no longer appears in the chat session if somebody sends you a lot of messages in a short space of time.
- You can now delete offline contacts from your contact list.
- Privacy updates, in line with the official client.
- You can now change the chat window font (do this in the control panel - /msncontrol).
- File sending now utilises uPnP if you are using mIRC 7 or above.

You can download the new version (4.20) on the left. As before, please email me or post on the forum if you have any problems, or if any of the bugs mentioned above reappear.

andyc, 27th February 2011

August 2010 - Bug Update

Some people may find that with the latest version of mIRC they are getting some connection issues in MSN for mIRC. This minor bug update should hopefully fix that.

Download the new version 4.03 on the left.

If you have any problems then email me or post on the forum.

andyc, 1st August 2010

March 2010 - Another Minor Bug Fix Update

Version 4.02 has just been released. This fixes a problem whereby if you changed your display name then you would be disconnected. If you experience random disconnections then this should also help that.

Thanks to Mephisto on the forum.

Let me know if you have any problems. :)

andyc, 2nd March 2010

October 2009 - Minor Bug Fix Update

Version 4.01 has just been released. This addresses a couple of minor bugs, as below:
- Due to a change in the way the MSN servers sent information, you were not always alerted when a new user came online. This is now fixed and you will be alerted as before.
- 'Foreign' character support should now be fixed (again!). You no longer receive the "User is not present in this conversation" error message if you use a non-standard character.
- Fixed a bug whereby users wouldn't be correctly placed into groups with underscores in the group name.

Thanks to Asherett for reporting the bugs on the forum.

Let me know if you have any problems. :)

andyc, 16th October 2009

May 2009 - Major Bug Fixes

I've just released a fairly major bug fix update - version 4.00.

There are a large number of bug and reliability fixes, both with the installer and with the contact list. You should now find the contact list a lot less 'laggy'.

Unfortunately there aren't really any brand new features, but I thought it more essential to get what is there working 100% smoothly. I'd really like to try to implement a later MSN protocol, which would include features such as personal messages, so I'm going to try to look in to that next.

I'd be really grateful if you'd post any problems on the forum. Most of the reliability fixes in this version came from people's posts in the forum.

andyc, 30th May 2009

Minor Update

Version 3.93 fixes a minor problem with the install script, so if you couldn't install it before, you should be able to now!

Download version 3.93 on the left.

andyc, 30th October 2008

October 2008 Update

I've just released version 3.92 on this site only. There's a fairly big change in that there's now a proper install script, and I'd like to make sure that it works for new downloads before I send version information out to all the existing clients.

New features:
- It's now much, much, much easier to install the script, read the how_to_install file for info. I recommend that any previous versions are unloaded first.
- Away system. You can now opt to send an automated message to anyone who speaks to you when you're away. Activate this in the control panel (/msncontrol)
- Log viewer (thanks to El_santo on the forum). This makes it much easier to view conversation logs. - A few minor fixes that I've just fixed as I go along - minor stability improvements etc.

Download version 3.92 using the link on the left. Feedback is very much appreciated, it's the only way I know if it works or not on other people's computers! :)

Any feedback may be posted in this forum thread (no need to register), or if you prefer emailed to me directly.

andyc, 7th October 2008

Major New Version
May 2008

A major new version is released today, with many new features and improvements. The most major of these new features are:
- Redesigned file sending and receiving (see here for more info)
- Offline users are now displayed
- You are prompted if someone adds you to their contact list
- You are alerted if someone deletes you from their contact list (unique feature)
- Redesigned control panel
- Improved compatibility when talking to people with third party clients such as Pidgin and Trillian
- Detailed status logging
- Improved compatability with other mIRC scripts
- Faster, smoother contact list operation
- Numerous other minor additions and bug fixes

All of the improvements above have come from suggestions either made through the forum or the in-built comments system.

Have fun - as usual please post any bugs you find, or issues you have on the forum and I'll deal with them.

Download version 3.80 using the link on the left.

andyc, 30th May 2008

New Version

Nothing too exciting, some bug fixes and stabiltiy improvements, as usual. :)

Download version 3.71 from the link on the left, log onto the forum to comment on this version (very much appreciated!) or use the in-built comments system in MSN for mIRC.

Have fun!

andyc, 6th March 2008

Major New Version

Today sees the release of version 3.70.

This version fixes problems with Windows 98, improves the contact list so that groups are displayed (go to the control panel to reverse this change), improves stability once again by pinging the MSN server and many, many other stability fixes

Download version 3.70 on the left. Click here to comment on this version, or use the inbuilt comments system within MSN for mIRC.

andyc, 1st November 2007

No more /background errors

Version 3.63 has been released today. The main fix is that it solves * /background: no such file errors. This background error is caused by a fairly significant bug in mIRC 6.3, which the mIRC creator tells me is now fixed for the next version. MSN for mIRC detects if you're using mIRC 6.3 and if you are a workaround is applied. The workaround is however not as good as if the bug didn't exist, so unless you're using Windows Vista I'd still recommend that you use mIRC 6.21.

Windows Vista is now fully supported. I've only got access to Windows Vista Basic to test, but if it works on that it should work on any Vista version. Please read the how_to_install text file when you download MSN for mIRC, as the Vista installation has a couple more steps you need to perform over the XP installation.

Please click here to post any comments you may have on this version. Also note that you can use the inbuilt comments system in MSN for mIRC, accessible from the MSN for mIRC control panel, to send me comments directly. Any input is very much appreciated.

Download MSN for mIRC v3.63 on the left.

andyc, 7th October 2007

Bug Fix

I've just taken MSN for mIRC up to v3.61.

This version fixes a bug whereby you couldn't use any of the buttons built into the side of chat windows. You should now be able to use the buttons, including "Send a File or Photo".

Thanks to 'xyz' for pointing this bug out to me via email. If anyone else spots any bugs, please let me know either by personal email, the forum or the built in comments system.

andyc, 3rd January 2007

New Version

There is a new version of MSN for mIRC out, version 3.60!

I've listened to people's comments and I'm pleased to announce the following fixes/new features in version 3.60:
- A new way of authenticating with Passport servers, meaning no more:
                *** Connecting...
                *** Authorising via SSL... (this may take a while)
                *** Disconnected

- The contact list now shows when a user is blocked, along with their current status (something the official client doesn't do!).
- Fixed how sometimes when someone signed in, "User has signed in" would appear multiple times.
- Added /msn.say command.  '/msn.say help' for usage guide.
- MSN for mIRC will no longer freeze if you try to talk to or block someone with < or > in their name.
- You can talk to people when you have blocked them (they can also reply to you).
- Various minor bug fixes.

Download version 3.60 from the left.  You are strongly recommended to download mIRC 6.20 from here, as SSL support in earlier versions of mIRC is very bad.

I'd really appreciate your comments on the new version on the forum (no need to register).

Have fun!

andyc, 2nd November 2006

Another Minor Update

Version 3.50 has just been released - download it on the left.

The latest fixes are listed below:
- /sockwrite errors eliminated
- Problems with $decode and mIRC v6.17 eliminated
- Continuous "user has left the conversation" messages in chat windows fixed

Coming Soon:
- /msn.say command, allows you to send messages to MSN contacts through mIRC scripts
- Support for personal messages

andyc, 4th March 2006

Solution to /sockwrite 'msn' not connected (line 144, msn.mrc)

The MSN server that MSN for mIRC uses has been taken offline.

I'm not entirely sure why this is, but the problem can be fixed by typing:
/set %msn.server
in mIRC, and then reconnecting to MSN for mIRC.

The new version, downloadable on the left, does not have this problem. If you are not comfortable typing commands into mIRC, then simply download and install version 3.46 from the left.

andyc, 10th July 2005


Minor Update

A minor update was released today, allowing users to disable the in-channel notification that a user has logged on - this update was released as a result of the comments received from the new inbuilt comments system that allows users to send comments directly to the author.

Download the new version (3.46) from the left.

andyc, 12th May 2005


Version 3.45 Final Released!

A new version of MSN for mIRC was released today.

New features include:
- Block Checker - see who has blocked you on MSN
- Comments System
- Flashing Chat Windows
- Much, much more...

Download it by clicking "Version 3.45" on the left.

andyc, 2nd April 2005


Back! (again..)

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been away the last few weeks (months?) - lots of stuff going on in life, exams, interviews, results, all sorts!

To quote - "The last update (3.25) of the beta-version has been released in April already and the absence of site updates and lack of admin activity on the forum make me think the project has been abandoned. But maybe adding it to our extensive download collection will fuse the development again? " - yes guys, it has. :-)

Anyway - I plan to do some proper work on MSN for mIRC over the next week or so and get the basic connection issues sorted.  You guys have been patient waiting for something to happen - and I really want to deliver.

Incidentally, if anyone has in their possession a nice dll to get the script connected in mIRC, I would greatly appreciate it, connecting to the network is by far the most complex part, the part where peoples clients fall down.  I can be contacted at the address at the bottom of the page.

The project will take off again, thank you for your continued support - please stick with me - I'm a busy boy at the moment!

andyc, 21st August 2004



I've just finished up a new BETA.

You can download this from the link on the left, but if you are using it I would be grateful if you could leave your opinions of it on the forum, link below.

Everything should work, except file sending. (file receiving should work 100%)

Update: File Sending should now work! Some feedback on whether it does for you or not would be great.


andyc, 7th April 2004



I'm back!

I realise that I haven't been around updating MSN for mIRC for a while, but now I am back, and ready to get MSN Messenger for mIRC back to its former glory!

I'm currently on an Easter break from school and the world of exams, so I can spend a bit of time getting MSN for mIRC going. :o)

I will be keeping MSN for mIRC on the MSNP8 protocol for the time being, the main priorities right now are to get it working back as it was, and then add some nice new features.

Hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks it'll be back on this site and working, so just bear with me.

andyc, 6th April 2004