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Post by Me:> » Sun Jul 23, 2006 3:59 am

Hi this is kinda pointless but at the same time could be handy this is a adon script right? so I found 1 issue with it witch I resolved with this
menu menubar,channel {
.msn:.load -rs msn/msn.mrc
I added this script to my chat script sometime ago and found that moving the mirc dir totaly screwed it up put that little script solved everything Like i said its kinda pointless posting over such a small thing I dont even know why I am but if anyone else has the same issue coz they move there mirc dir all the time or something add that line to save having to /load -rs msn/msn.mrc all the time
ps I know it isnt a patch but it was the easyest way to describe it -_-.
also anyone else thinking of getting this mirc adon I will tell you I find it good for the others that are having issues with 6.17 nfi coz it worked fine for me when i upgraded :(

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