Get rid of annoying Messenger Plus Live codes!

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Get rid of annoying Messenger Plus Live codes!

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Hi! First of all, i'd like to say thank you for your work, it's awesome! I always wanted a solution to integrate MSN to mIRC, and finally i found this great extension!

But i have some annoying problems, and i havent found any solution yet. I'd like to cut off msn plus color codes from buddy names, because they make the names abnormal long and hardly readable.

for example:

[ b ][ c=2 ]Sz[ /c ][ c=48 ]Tom[ /c ][ c=39 ]cat[ /c ][ /b ] has logged on.

(i included spaces to avoid recognizing as BB by the board)

i'm pretty noob in mIRC scripting, but i think there is a way to run regular expressions on the names to cut off these annoying code snippets, or simply replacing pre-defined values - the ones above - for example.

What do you think?
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