just a few bugs

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just a few bugs

Post by ChAwech » Sun Jul 27, 2003 11:37 am

well, i'm using MSN for mIRC for about 1 week now, and it surely is very good, but i think i have some bugs :-P

1) when ppl are sending a msg with multiple lines (ctrl+enter used in MSN), then i get to see only the 1st line
2) my "aa" is always changed to å, not very nice for the dutch users :-P
3) when ppl are adding me to their MSN, i don't see it, nor can i accept if i want them to see me online etc. I have to add them in order to be able to talk with them
4) when the other user closes the MSN window, i get a "user closed window" message, no, this is good, but it's immediatly followed by a "user joined conversation" message
5) logging doesn't work "* /mkdir: unable to create 'C:\ALMAR\WORMHOLE\msn\logs' (line 12, msnlog.mrc)" where C:\ALMAR\WORMHOLE\msn is the path where my MSN script is, 1 above is the folder where my mIRC is
6) i sometimes get this error: * /dline: insufficient parameters (line 193, msn.mrc)

well, that seems to be all ;-)
/me cuddles StingA (see ya in #MI :-P)


Post by Guest » Sun Jul 27, 2003 13:08 pm

5) is fixed ;-)


Post by Guest » Fri Aug 22, 2003 13:47 pm

yea i do really like it to, but still too much bugs :)

when the most are solved i will use it!! :D

keep going on the good work alex :P


Post by Guest » Fri Aug 22, 2003 13:48 pm

alex = andy ;)