…..and I can’t decode it anymore!

The signal has moved from being transmitted 60 miles away from me, to being transmitted 360 miles away from me, and my receiver isn’t having any of it.

I’ve tried a few little things to try and improve the sensitivity of the receiver, but so far to no avail.  I also tried using the lock detect line on a phase locked loop (PLL) to see if I could lock to the 60kHz signal.  This posed a problem though, because of the nature of an amplitude shift keyed signal, which is what the 60khz signal is.  The power level of the signal I was receiving was not enough to get the PLL to lock, and if I increase the amplification in the signal, the entire circuit oscillates, putting the PLL into a permanant lockup.  All very annoying!

I’m going to work on making an ultra sensitive receiver, to hopefully get a decent signal to feed into my already constructed PIC decoder and display.