I’m Andy and I’m an Electronic Engineer from Gloucestershire in the UK.  I’ve around 10 years’ experience designing lots of different products, from RF receiver front ends to simple NMEA decoders.  Most of my designs involve RF in one way or another.

I work a lot with embedded C and I tend to favour the PIC microcontroller for simple tasks.  I try to use the lowest power microcontroller I can get away with.  There’s no point in using a £34 Raspberry Pi to decode NMEA data when a 50p microcontroller will do the same job!

I use gnuradio a fair bit at home, mostly just decoding whatever signals I can find with an ageing Ettus B210.  I’ve also got an Airspy which can come in handy when I don’t need to transmit.

I’ve documented a few little projects I’ve done at home in the past, see my home page for links: https://www.burningimage.net.

CatTrack is my latest project!